Integrated Food Systems Leadership Program

Growing Leaders to Feed the Future

Designed for working professionals, an exciting new graduate certificate program to foster leadership, collaboration and innovation across the food system.

Building a Better Path for a More Sustainable Future

The food system is facing incredible challenges – from mitigating food waste and rising food safety issues to building the capacity to feed 9.5 billion people by the year 2050.

In order to ensure a more global, sustainable future, it's critical that we build our next generation of leaders who can break down the natural silos inherent in our food system to work more effectively together – from the private to public sectors, from farm to fork.

Rising to the Challenge

The Integrated Food Systems Leadership (IFSL) Program

Bridging the gap between traditional food system education and a professional leadership program, this graduate certificate program helps participants:

  • Gain a broader knowledge and understanding of interdependencies across the food system
  • Learn how decisions, policies, and unforeseen circumstances can ripple across the system
  • Develop critical thinking and communications skills to help lead and work more collaboratively across food systems disciplines, sectors, and diverse cultures

The IFSL program is supported by the cross-discipline expertise of University of Minnesota faculty and industry advisors in the private and public sectors.

Designed for Busy Working Professionals

The IFSL program is delivered in an ideal learning format to help working professionals grow personally and professionally:

  • Comprehensive and interactive cohort learning experience
  • 13-month program with manageable weekly studies
  • Primarily online with on-campus two-day sessions at beginning and end of program
  • Course credits can be applied to a future graduate degree

Plus participants benefit from the opportunity to network with program faculty, staff and industry advisors.

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Integrated Food Systems Leadership Program
Graduate Certificate Program for Working Professionals
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By focusing on building knowledge and understanding of linkages within the food chain, the IFSL program uniquely qualifies participants to actively apply that knowledge across the food system, thereby improving their ability to provide strategic leadership on issues.
Tamara A. Nelsen, Executive Director, Minnesota AgriGrowth